Island English teacher wins Oxford University award

MP Bob Seely has praised an Island English teacher who has won an Oxford University award after being nominated by a former pupil.

Sam Lapham, who is studying at Oxford, nominated Richard Dunsterville from The Bay CE School and he has won the University of Oxford Inspirational Teacher Award.

The scheme allows talented students from schools, who do not have track record of having pupils go to Oxford, to nominate a teacher who inspired or supported them.

“I am delighted a teacher from The Bay has won this award and I thank Sam for nominating Mr Dunsterville,” said Bob.

“Both pupil and teacher have set a great example of what Islanders can do and how excellence can be achieved.

“A teacher that is able to inspire a pupil to realise their potential is something we must recognise and promote and I congratulate them both.”

Mr Dunsterville, who is head of the English department at the school, will now attend a formal awards ceremony and dinner at Oxford in May.