GREEN FINGERS: Planting out your young plants

By IW May 22, 2022

With June just around the corner and the long-range weather forecast looking pleasantly warm it should be safe now to begin planting out your young plants.

However, do not plant out straight from the greenhouse to your garden as your tender plants will be soft. Acclimatise them to their new outdoor conditions first by standing them outside in a sheltered position for a week or so before planting out.

A strong breeze can do as much damage to a young plant as a frost would so don’t be in such a hurry to get planted out. Much better to err on the side of caution!

After several weeks with very little rain, we have now just had some welcome showers; some not so welcome. As I sit here writing this month’s article, I’ve been kept awake half the night by a storm!

With the welcome rainfall everything will be growing away at a rate of knots. The grass will need mowing, your plants will thrive but the weeds will also spring into growth. Now is the time to keep on top of the weeds. Hoe through them when young and on a sunny warm day.

There are so many things to be done over the next few weeks, probably too many to mention but I’ll give it a try!
Plant up your hanging baskets and patio containers. Top up any gaps in your flower borders, maybe with some perennial plants or some summer bedding. Plant your dahlias!

In the vegetable garden, climbing beans, courgettes, brassicas, lettuce and pumpkins can be planted. Sow carrots, beetroot and radish.

Although tomatoes can be grown outside, more often than not the dreaded blight will get to them before the fruits have ripened so best to grow them in the greenhouse if you have one.

Tomatoes like fresh air, though, so keep the windows open especially on warm days. Cucumbers, however, like more humid conditions so spray some water on the floor of the greenhouse in the morning and this will help keep the humidity up.

Happy gardening, everyone!