Floating Bridge staff’s famous hat banned by council

A local celebrity and council employee has been told he can’t wear his trademark hat anymore.

Social media has been alight with rumours that Floating Bridge employee ‘Eric the Hat’ is no longer allowed to wear his famous cowboy hat.

Eric has been digitally represented on the Floaty Finder website designed by Wighthat and Orange Peel Creative that helps track the bridge and tell customers if it’s in service.

Even in digital form, Eric is pictured wearing his brown leather hat – but he shall no longer be seen in it while working the bridge.

Eric’s digital representation

IW Observer can confirm that Isle of Wight Council has told Eric he must “adhere to the prescribed uniform”, like every other member of staff and remove his usual headgear.

Ellie Bright, 30, from Cowes said: “I think it’s ridiculous they have banned his hat to promote a more professional imagine when his hat is as iconic as the bridge itself – and more reliable!”

Eric the Hat with his new headwear

Eric was spotted wearing a baseball cap on Tuesday (August 21) while working on the bridge.

IWC has been asked to clarify if he can wear his new hat.