Fixed link petition launched asking government to ‘explore the option’

A petition to government has been launched asking them to “explore the option” of a fixed to the Isle of Wight. 

Joel Osman created the petition on the parliament website recently, at the time of writing it had 768 signatures.

It will need 10,000 signatures before government will issue a response and 100,000 signatures for it to be considered for parliamentary debate.

Mr Osman wrote on the website: “Following eight weeks of non-stop Solent travel disruptions across all three Solent carriers the UK government must explore the options of a fixed link for the Isle of Wight.

“A fixed Link should be considered that will allow 24 hour, 365 day, affordable, immediate access [on and off the Island].

Red Funnel made national headlines after their ship Red Falcon ran aground recently – photo by Cowes RNLI

“Ferry crossing schedules have been severely reduced over the recent years and fares have increased…becoming more demand driven.

“This combination provides an unaffordable barrier for those on an average island wage to venture off the Island.

“The UK government in a previous petition stated that it was not possible and had no intention to regulate the Isle of Wight Ferries.

“Many Countries around the world, such as Norway, have bridges and tunnels longer than the Isle of Wight would need.”

You can find the petition here: