Five police vehicles descend on Newport incident

At least five police vehicles descended on Newport on Thursday evening (November 22) as smashing noises were heard from the car park above TK Maxx.

Concerned people in the area heard the noises and attended the scene only to find around 20 youths fleeing, according to one witness who did not wish to be named.

Residents were concerned for their vehicles and gave chase to the youths and called the police.

Hampshire Constabulary searched the area and spoke to a number of youths but could not find any damage within the car park.

A dog unit was present but no dogs were deployed, and police dispersed the youths without any visible arrests being made.

Police incident in Newport

Police cars gathered near to the entrance of the bus station in Newport at around 7.20pm where at least seven youths were spoken to.

Metal baskets were found in the alleyway between St Thomas Square and the entrance to the bus station, but police could not confirm if this was the source of the noise heard from within the car park that alarmed people in the vicinity.

One of the metal baskets found nearby
The police dog unit (left) and another police vehicle in the entrance to the bus station