Figgy Gig pays tribute to our special Isle of Wight

'Steve Love's Island Songs'.

by Jean G-Owen

Floating bridges, dinosaur footprints, Totland husbands, and Gurt Mallyshags — no topic was out of bounds at last Friday’s Figgy Gig, which celebrated the Isle of Wight.

While it might be the smallest county in England during high tide, the Island is a haven for creativity if the talent at the popular variety show, hosted by Jean G-Owen is anything to go by.

Magic Moments welcomed an appreciative audience into CHOYD, Yarmouth, for an evening of songs and sketches. Janet Hopkins made her debut with renditions of well-known songs adapted to fit the celebratory mood. Emily Gillatt-Ball was well-versed in IW themes in her delightful debut poetry reading. Crispin Keith and two Daves from the Brighstone Barnacles brought harmony and wit to the stage with their nautical numbers. Heather Whatley introduced a new character, Poppy “literally babes” Snelling, daughter of the superlative — and currently missing — Mrs Snelling. Bawdy Bard, Steve Taverner, recited choice poems from his debut collection Scar On The Rock, and Steve Love sang about the ups, downs and quirks of Island life from his impressive repertoire, including a new, not-quite IW anthem. Cheryl May brought whimsy to the stage with her comical ‘Wonders of Wight’, including a shanty moment inspired by her debut poetry collection Not Just Desserts. The Messed-Up Plucker (Verity Bird) demonstrated wit and verve with her ukulele and “borrowed” lyrics. Tribute was then paid to the Westland SRN Supernoise Hovercraft by The Ross Westrop Trio (Ross Westrop, Chris Humphries and Roger Humphries). The evening ended with a rousing version of ‘Ticket to Ryde’ by performers and audience alike.

The next Figgy Gig, on Friday, June, 7 celebrates ‘Seaside Rendezvous’. Contact Jean G-Owen on 07715 985689 or