Collection of films to boost health and wellbeing

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust is delighted to share a collection of short films titled ‘Day by Day’.

Originally made to benefit those unable to go outside due to ill health, they are now available to be enjoyed by anyone, including those self-isolating due to the pandemic.

The films are designed with the viewer’s wellbeing in mind by bringing the beauty of the island’s natural environment to them whilst they are unable to go outside.

Featuring sculptor, Eric Geddes and poet, Robin Ford, they bring to life a kaleidoscope of natural landscapes and seascapes as they change from dawn to dusk and season to season.

We hope anyone who is in hospital, a nursing or residential home or self-isolating will enjoy watching this collection of shorts films and provide them with a sense of wellbeing.

Thank you to film director, Guy Eades and film maker, Jamie Williams for making this collection available to us.

The films can be watched via the Trust website here.