Caring for the carers at St Mary’s Lounge

By IW Galleries Mar 14, 2020

The Carers team based at St Mary’s Hospital has supported 1,200 carers since the Carer’s Lounge was opened two years ago and they see approximately 65 new carers every month.

Many people on the island are caring for somebody and may not be aware of the support available to them. When the cared-for person is admitted into hospital it can cause extra stress, worry and upset.

The Carers Lounge helps with the pressures of caring and provides a place for unpaid carers to find information and access a range of support services. They are open to all carers of adults regardless of their funding status.

Carers can visit the Lounge and talk to the team in confidence about any issues they are facing and want support with.

Sarah Hart, Team Leader for the Carers Lounge, which is run by Carers IW said: “Carers are often the person sitting by the hospital bed every day, checking that the patient has eaten enough, or helping with tasks and care at the bedside.

“We can help them understand what is happening and offer a ‘safe space’ to reflect. We can communicate with medical and other professionals to find out specifics and obtain clear answers for carers. We help carers to know their legal rights, negotiate the benefits system and understand the value of carers assessments and powers of attorney.

“We can also provide practical help such as a Carers Card to help with flexible visiting, parking and low-cost meals in the hospital, refreshments and a bed for an overnight stay, if required. We also connect carers to our Carers IW Community Team, so that after discharge from hospital, support for the carer is ongoing.”

If you are a carer or are not sure about any aspects of your caring role in someone’s life, pop in to see them. The Lounge is situated inside the entrance to Appley Ward – just follow the yellow signs.