Brading born filmmaker shoots stunning drone footage of the Island

After being overseas for three years, a native Isle of Wight filmmaker has shot unbelievable footage of our home. 

Jack Shirley, 32, and Louise Taduran, 28, both live and work in Hong Kong where they met four years ago – they got engaged on June 23 and posted the proposal video to youtube.

Returning home for the first time in three years, Mr Shirley was eager to introduce Miss Taduran to his family.

“We tried to come back last year but Louise’s UK tourist visa was rejected,” said Mr Shirley.

The 32-year-old was born on the Island, grew up in Brading and after studying filmmaking at the IOW College he went to Ravensbourne, London to gain a degree in video editing.

He continued: “After working as an editor in London for a few years, I felt a need to explore more of the world and so I quit the filmmaking job I loved and risked it all by becoming an English teacher in Hong Kong.

“My dream is to make videos for a living and so that’s what I do in my spare time.

“Hopefully one day I can give up teaching and fulfil my real passion full time.”

Now Mr Shirley has shot incredible drone footage of the Island in 4K – featuring shots of St Catherine’s Lighthouse.

The filmmaker continued: “I don’t know when I’ll return to the Island as I’m not sure there is much work for me as a filmmaker, but if anyone has anything for me please let me know.

“Louise had no interest in ever moving to England and that didn’t change when we landed in London.

“But after I showed her the IOW she changed her mind and said to me, ‘maybe we could move here when we have children.’ So I’m happy with that. If I can’t get work as a videographer there, then it’s certainly a great place to retire. So I should definitely be returning at some point.

“Choosing a favourite scene in the video is tough. Louise’s favourite is the needles shots. And she also likes the Mottistone church shot. This is a place she insisted we visit because her crush Benedict Cumberbatch got married there.”

You can see more of Jack & Louise video work on their Youtube and Facebook pages

Music by Ventnor resident – The Lion and the Wolf.