Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

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Big-hearted Macie joins her mum for charity fundraising

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A Newport mother and daughter, who have been separated because of the Coronavirus, have joined forced to raise money for charity.

Dana Edkins-Wherry was forced to leave her husband Paul and four children at the beginning of the year and move in with her own mother. Dana has a genetic heart condition, while the rest of the family are key workers in the hospital or in supermarkets. She explained: “We made a family decision for me to move in with my mum just in case any of them caught the disease and I was affected. So I moved out on January 2 until either I had the vaccine, or the virus settled down. Just a few days later two of the kids tested positive, so it was definitely the right call.
“I’ve struggled this time around with my mental wellbeing and lost all motivation. So I turned to eating chocolate, sweets and crisps because they were like a crutch for me.

“Macie is only 14 and still at school at Carisbrooke College, so she said she would join me in doing something to raise money for charity and keep us both motivated. Macie has already helped charitable causes during the first two lockdowns, so this is her third effort!
“Her school was looking to raise £3,000 for a mental health and wellbeing room, because the students are affected by everything which is happening at the moment. So, in September, Macie organised a big raffle and garage sale to raise £2,000. Then in November, she contacted local care homes and distributed more than 100 Christmas presents and cards to people who were on their own with no other family over the holiday period.

“This time, between January 28 and February 28, Macie is promising to go out for 5km a day, either walking or jogging, while I have given up all snacks and I’m taking up daily yoga with Adriane on YouTube.
“We are organizing a huge raffle for £1 a ticket with loads of prizes. Just some of them are breakfast for 2 from Newclose Cricket Ground, a Web Cam, Amazon fire stick, double duvet set and vouchers from pubs and restaurants with lots more being added all the time.
“So many charities are struggling at the moment, so any money raised will go to the IW NHS Trust for the heart failure nurses towards a new ECG machine, which costs £3,000, Carers IW, the Island’s Help Through Crisis team and No Limits/Space4u.”

Anyone who would like a ticket can pay via PayPal Ref: friends and family, with a name as reference or text Dana for info at 07518 361849.