Mon. May 16th, 2022

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White box moving from the green in St Helens

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The Isle of Wight Council and St Helens Parish Council teamed up after a WightFibre box was installed in the wrong place and position on St Helens Green.

After the intervention of the two councils, the box will be moved to a better location and will also be painted green. In addition, the trench which was dug in the green has been filled in.

Cllr Jonathon Bacon said: “Residents of St Helens were shocked when the white box appeared on part of the village green, which is common. It appears that this was not realised and the appropriate people were not informed or permission gained. The parish council received no notice of what was planned.

“Many residents expressed concern about the box, both in terms of where it was placed and its appearance. On Wednesday (March 23) myself, the ward councillor, the chairman of the parish council, together with the parish clerk, met with representatives of WightFibre and had a productive discussion.

“It has been agreed that the box will be moved to a more appropriate location and the replacement box will be green rather than white. It was also agreed that there will be an ongoing dialogue between all parties.

“St Helens Green is protected common land which covers 17 acres. It is the second largest village green in the country and is the absolute heart of St Helens, which the residents and the parish council are determined to protect. We are glad that this has now been recognised in respect of this issue and will remain on the case going forward.”