PC CONSULTANTS: Technology challenges faced by the Island’s businesses

At PC Consultants we understand the increasing reliance businesses across the Island have on technology. This reliance, and the investment in IT create challenges that need to be carefully navigated. So let’s look at some of the most common issues faced by small businesses.

New technology – with technology rapidly changing, it is important that businesses understand how they can take advantage of the latest technologies. In today’s increasingly competitive environment taking advantage of technology to increase efficiency and support growth is more essential than ever. Our clients benefit from access to the expertise they need to stay up to date.

IT Strategy – irrespective of the size of a business, when it comes to IT it’s important to have a plan and strategy to better support growth and the challenges you face. One that works in your best interests, and fully supports your business needs, aims and aspirations. Something we take pride in providing at PC Consultants.

The cost of IT – as with most things there is a cost. It can be the cost of maintaining IT systems and infrastructure or upgrading outdated hardware and software. These costs can be overwhelming for small businesses; however, at PC Consultants, we can help by managing your IT support and helping to plan your IT budget well in advance. This saves you the expense of internal IT staff and avoids the high cost of unplanned upgrades.

Security threats – for any business the ever-present threat of cyber-attacks is real and always evolving, with cyber criminals always keen to exploit any vulnerability. Unfortunately, many small businesses are not prepared to defend from ever more complex attacks. Something that can come down to lack of awareness, ineffective cyber security software, untrained staff or outdated software and IT systems. We take pride in working with clients to establish effective protection and the specialist support should the worst happen.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – data is a business’s most important asset, yet according to research 21 per cent of people have never made a backup of their computer, 29 per cent of data loss is caused by accident, and 98 per cent of stolen laptops are never recovered. Lost data can have a devastating effect on your reputation, operations and bottom line. At PC Consultants we understand the importance of data and work with clients to implement the right backup and recovery strategies to protect their business and valuable data.

To find out more about how we can help your business simply get in touch with us so we can use our experience to help you overcome the IT challenges you face.