December 1, 2023

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We’ve made a tiny little boo-boo this week.

We worked ever so hard on our sports pages, making them look all lovely and fun, and we know lots of our readers think our sport is ace. So we’ve been busy this morning trying to find someone to blame for the fact that our four sports pages haven’t been printed!

It’s all there in glorious technicolour in our on-line version – but when the newspaper bundles arrived this morning, they all felt a bit lighter than we expected. The whole team thought it unlikely that they’d all grown massive muscles overnight – so investigated a bit further.

It was the lovely Emma (henceforth known as Miss Marple) who suddenly yelled “There’s no sport”. Carole (our editor – who isn’t the biggest sports fan) tried not to look guilty – but failed, and Chris (our photographer – who spent ages choosing which picture to put where) started stomping around. John (who delivers our papers) looked rather pleased that his job was going to be a bit easier today. Nobody wanted to call Richard (who writes our sport) to tell him about the blooper – so Emma said “Let’s put it on the website and Facebook and then everybody else will tell him”. We all thought that was a brilliant idea. However, Chris (rather inconveniently) started asking who was to blame. We all decided it must be down to Sandy, Mal or Brian – because they weren’t there. We thought about blaming Tilly – as she’s the newest member of the team – but she’s been on holiday this week so might have an excuse.

Anyway, we’re very sorry about the lack of sport this week – but it is all here on-line. So our readers who love sport can find it easily, and those who are not fans will think we’ve improved the paper.

We’ll try to sort out our little technical difficulties before next week!

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