New online service to help find food and other supplies

Islanders in coronavirus lockdown have a new online service to help them find food and other supplies that can be delivered to their door, or picked up.

New website A to Z to Me launches today (Thursday) and is a project from Yafford-based web development company HomePage Media, with content curated by Isle of Wight food reviewers Matt and Cat, and support from On The Wight.

Visitors to A to Z to Me can use the site for free, with no need to download an app or sign up for an account.

The website allows easy access to delivery services in all parts of the Island, from the very local Brighstone Village Store, to Island-based firms that deliver across the country such as The Tomato Stall.

HomePage director and A to Z to Me lead developer Ian Winter explained: “We’ve been working on this as a side-project for a while, and the coronavirus situation made us bring the whole thing forward as fast as we could.

“We want people to be able to use this right now to find out about local deliveries of food and other supplies.”

Matt and Cat, no longer able to eat out, have been collecting information from their own contacts and from social media to get as many food delivery services as possible onto the site.

Cat James, from Matt and Cat, said: “Eating out is off the menu, but eating in is not.

This is a fast-changing situation, and we wanted to share up-to-date information that can be easily changed when needed. Thanks to those who have offered help and information.

“We hope anybody who is offering deliveries of food, groceries or other products on the Island will put their service details on the website for everyone to use.”

The website is at and the project is on Twitter @AtoZtoMe and on Facebook at