MP reassures Islanders over Covid-19 plans

By IW Galleries Mar 6, 2020

Island MP Bob Seely says he has been assured by Island health bosses that plans are in place on the Isle of Wight to tackle any cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19, as it is now termed.

Bob said: “I have spoken to health bosses on the Isle of Wight and I am reassured that preparations have been made to deal with any outbreaks on the Island.

“There are currently no cases confirmed on the Isle of Wight. A small number of people on the Island have been tested, and all results so far have been negative.”

Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive of the IOW NHS Trust said: “The IOW NHS Trust continues to follow all of the guidance from NHS England, Public Health England and the Government.

“We have set up a Coronavirus Priority Assessment Service to test people who may have contracted coronavirus. This includes an isolation pod at St Mary’s Hospital to prevent people with suspected coronavirus from going to the Emergency Department.

“People should not go to the pharmacy, GP or hospital if they think they have coronavirus. They should use the NHS 111 online service or call NHS 111 for advice.

“The best thing that local people can do to protect themselves and others is to wash their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

“If you have a cough or sneeze then catch it in a tissue and dispose of the tissue properly. These simple steps will help slow the spread of viruses like coronavirus.”

Advice has been sent out by the Department for Education to all 53 schools and colleges on the Island. The Local Authority has also issued guidance advising schools not to close without first taking advice from Public Health.