Forty tiny legs and ten wagging tails!

The chihuahuas, who came into the RSPCA Godshill Animal Centre through no fault of their own, all have their own unique characters and personalities.

With forty tiny legs and ten wagging tails, Carrie, Lucy, Naomi, Daisy, Lady, Molly, Percy, Pickles, Toby, and Vader have been keeping the team entertained as they provide them with care and attention during their time at the rescue centre.

The animal rescue centre team are hoping for success matching future owners with the tiny dogs, having already helped 510 animals in the past year – including finding homes for 65 other chihuahuas!

Suzanne Pugh, centre manager, said: “They are all such great characters! It’s brilliant to get to know them as individuals and we are all looking forward to waving them off to their new homes.

“Our team of staff and volunteers will be so happy to be able to see these ten dogs move out of our shelter and into new permanent homes. They have provided incredible care to these chihuahuas, which has been a real emotional investment for us.

“Although closed to the public, we have remained open for animal intake throughout the Covid-19 crisis, for our island’s most vulnerable animals. These past few months have been so very challenging for all.

“So much of our work happens behind the scenes and I am so proud of our team for the care they have provided and our volunteers who have donated so much time to support these dogs.”

The animal care team has also launched a fundraising appeal to cover the cost of their veterinary care and is hoping animal-lovers will show their support by donating towards the cause.

The dogs, who need a range of health and medical procedures including, dentals, orthopedic and ophthalmic services, will also need to be spayed and neutered before they find new homes.

Suzanne added: “Caring for animals is costly and we are reliant on the generosity of our supporters to enable us to carry out this lifeline service to animals.

“We’ve spent £103,000 in the last year on veterinary care for animals in our care, and expect the cost of the veterinary care for these dogs will be around £6,000.

“As we are a branch which is financially independent from the national RSPCA, it is a huge sum of money for us, which is why we’re trying to fundraise especially to cover the cost of helping these beautiful dogs separately. Any money we can raise will enable us to continue to help as many sick, neglected and abused animals as we can.”

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