Crematorium funeral services to be privately live streamed

Grieving families and friends will be able to say their final goodbyes to their loved ones online soon as coronavirus (Covid-19) social distancing is maintained within the crematorium.

Private online streaming of funeral services is now possible thanks to a newly installed camera.

The system used means the Isle of Wight Council can protect the online security of private services and help people to celebrate the life of their loved ones, digitally.

In order to ensure the spread of coronavirus is minimised when attending funerals at the crematorium, only ten people have been able to attend services in person due to social distancing measures.

“Digital services have progressed rapidly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, so I am pleased we have been able to harness this so quickly and provide people with a secure, and private way to say goodbye to their departed loved ones when they cannot attend funerals in person,” said Dave Stewart, council leader.

“We are working closely with funeral directors across the Island to enable as many people as possible to connect with their friends and family to grieve and celebrate the lives lost during this time.”

When booking funerals with the crematorium, families will be issued with an ‘event’ link by their funeral director that can then be shared with their loved ones.

Details of how to ‘log in’ and watch the funeral service will also be provided.

Up to ten people may still attend the crematorium at this time.

Service streaming quality will depend on the device and internet connection available to the individual; the council cannot guarantee an uninterrupted service due to this.

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