Cracking Warriors win leaves Potters in bits

Isle of Wight, 60. Stoke, 30. This was the final score after the Warriors smashed the Potters into actual bits. 

Just a week after notching their biggest win of the season, the Isle of Wight ‘Wightlink’ Warriors speedway team went one better as they put the visiting Stoke Potters to the mallet.

Still missing star riders Ben Morley, Alfie Bowtell and Chris Widman, the Warriors had to call on two guests to fill the ranks as Danny Ayres (Mildenhall) and Tom Brennan (Eastbourne) both came up trumps riding unbeaten by opponents all night.

Impending team changes for the Potters will undoubtedly help their situation but for this match the visitors arrived with three very inexperienced riders in the lower order and thirteen last places evidenced their vulnerability on the fast Island circuit.

Scott Campos – Credit -Sportography

With their top order also finding wins hard to come by, it turned out to be a very frustrating and uncomfortable evening for the Midlands side.

On a night when all the Warriors contributed to the victory, heat twelve stands out as the race of the night as Scott Campos (pictured) put in a real captain’s ride against the Potters Rob Shuttleworth.

Headed by the Stoke man out of turn two Campos looked as if the visitor may have the measure of him as the riders stretched away over the first lap or so but Campos wasn’t finished as he took to his favoured outside line to close in and then swoop past his opponent in breathtaking fashion.

Warriors fifth home league win of the season moves them up to sixth place in the table.

Warriors: Danny Ayres 14+1, Rider Replacement for Chris Widman, Scott Campos 12+1, Danno Verge 9+2, Tom Brennan 12, Jamie Bursill 5+1 and Shaun Tedham 8+1.

Potters: Luke Ruddick 7, Paul Burnett 2+1, Rob Shuttleworth 10, Tim Colley 0, Max Clegg 7, Arran Butcher 4+1, Joe Alcock 0.