Broken glass laid to deter bikers?

By Chris Cornford Apr 11, 2021

Shalfleet photographer, Michelle Jackson, has raised concerns that broken glass could be being used to deter cyclists after a country walk.

Michelle was walking from Shorwell to Chillerton Down on Sunday (April 4), a popular route for mountain bikers and dog walkers. As she walked along New Barn Lane, a public right of way that cuts through the Bowcombe Estate, she noticed a long continuous trail of broken glass on the bridleway.
She said: “I’m a photographer, so possibly notice things that others may miss. Whilst on the walk, I thought it would be a lovely place to go cycling, but was instantly put off because of the glass, as it could cause damage to my bicycle, with punctures.

“I suspect the glass has been deliberately laid to deter the bikers. I think this could also cause concern for dog walkers.”
A Hampshire police spokesman said: “If anyone has any concerns or information relating to criminal conduct, or evidence of a criminal offence taking place, then we would encourage them to contact police so we can look at the circumstances.

“In circumstances where the condition of the roads or pathways present a hazard, then we would suggest contact is made with the local authority in the first instance.”