Belgrave: Minor movement but residents can safely return home

The Isle of Wight council have issued a new statement to residents following the landslip on Belgrave Road in Ventnor.

In a statement to resident and businesses, the IW Council said “While the upper wall has shown recent signs of minor movement, there has been no significant change to the overall terracing structure in recent days nor any additional threat to properties in the affected area, although we continue to undertake frequent monitoring of the site.

Southern Water and gas company, SGN, have completed work to ensure the water and gas supply can be safely maintained for residents while Island Roads has finished installing a safety netting system over the area. This is intended to reduce the risk of falling debris should further movement of the wall occur in the coming days and weeks.

Now this wire netting has been installed, we have advised the resident who took the decision to leave their property that they can now safely return.

In all the circumstances and mindful of the recent, limited movement, the road closures remain in place at this time however pedestrian access has been reinstated along Belgrave Road.

We would re-iterate that the safety of residents continues to be our priority and it remains unsafe and impractical for us to intervene substantially onsite until the situation has stabilised. As stated, we are continuing to monitor the site and look at possible steps we can take once the site has stabilised.

As well as Island’s Roads’ presence on site, the council’s community liaison officers have also been making regular checks on residents and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. We will be posting information on site advising residents how they can contact Island Roads and view the website.

Residents who have any concerns should call Island Roads on (01983) 822440 or email