Perowne Way residents’ fears prove unfounded

Concerned residents in the Perowne Way area of Sandown contacted their Sandown South Councillor, Ian Ward to express their concern about the social media reports of and substantial inflow of visitors to the Fairway Caravan Park.

Cllr Ward visited the site and toured the Park with the duty manager to assess the situation. All of the Park’s facilities were closed and only a few maintenance staff were working on the site.

Most of the ‘Visitors’ were in fact in the Residents Area and were the actual mobile home owners, many of whom are Islanders. There may have been some visitors who had come for Easter, but there was little evidence of an inflow as reported.

Reports also included that the local shop was being crowded with Park visitors and the Perowne Way residents were being put at risk of infection. Upon speaking to the shop staff, Cllr Ward found that also proved inaccurate. Police has previously visited the Park because of the rumours and inaccurate reports, but left when they found the social media reports had no real foundation.

Cllr Ward said that he did discover the likely reason for some of the reports and understood why people may have drawn the wrong conclusion from what they had seen.