New London office for local design company

A multi-award winning creative and design studio based in Wooton Bridge has opened a new London office in the trendy suburb of Dalston in the Borough of Hackney, London.

Brightbuld Design’s new London office is down to a collaboration with Sherbet London, one of their major clients in the capital. The new offices will enable Brightbulb to work even more closely to meet the needs of Sherbet London as they expand, and importantly, open up new opportunities for their Island based clients.

Asher Moses, CEO of Sherbet London said: “With this latest move, we are proud to support Brightbulb Design, as our design partner. We are two rapidly growing businesses and this new office will mean we are better supported as our expansion continues.”

The new London office for Brightbulb Design is firmly aimed at benefiting its Island clients; expanding the scope of services available to them and adding important London connections for client businesses. It will also see the latest trends in design and web technology being brought back to the Island.

Brightbulb Design recently moved to new, larger offices in Wootton Bridge, a major investment by the company. They now have a state of the art headquarters with the latest technology, backed by a highly talented team of creative designers and digital specialists.

Matt Jeffery, Brightbulb Design’s founder and CEO added: “We have taken some incredible steps over recent years at Brightbulb, investing heavily in exceptional staff and a state-of-the-art headquarters and studios on the Isle of Wight. This is yet another move forward that allows us to grow across the UK, and the first step in implementing our global strategy. To reflect us as not simply leading locally, but yet another great island business firmly rooted here but working on an international stage.”