Mottistone’s walnut circle to be restored

Until twenty years ago, six walnut trees stood in a circle in Mottistone village green, before one was removed as it was old and dying.

This autumn, gardener Ed Hinch, from Mottistone Gardens, will complete the circle once more with a new walnut tree, as part of National Trust plans to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Ed said: “We’re not sure if walnuts have been on Mottistone village green for a long time, but of the current ones, three were planted in 1992. The tree ring encircles an old cottage well, and in the autumn the walnuts are feasted on by the locals, both humans and red squirrels. It’s a great place for a bit of red squirrel spotting.

“Today, the walnut circle’s an integral part of our village green landscape, which plays an important role in everyday life here in Mottistone. It’s a place where locals meet up, and visitors enjoy picnics, in surroundings that have changed very little over the centuries.”

The National Trust are also undertaking 70 major tree-planting projects in various locations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the majority of which will be planted later this year.

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