Message of love for Island mums

By Chris Cornford Mar 22, 2021

A Cowes primary school came up with a unique way of celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Pupils of Lanesend Primary School were choreographed into creating a special message to their mums with the footage being filmed by an overhead drone.

Office manager, Charli Reading, said: “It was actually the idea of our head teacher, Caroline Sice, who came in one day last week and asked if anyone knew of someone who owned a drone!
“We didn’t know what she was thinking of at the time. It’s been a crazy last year and you just have to try and think of different alternatives to celebrate special occasions.

“We normally welcome mums and grandmothers into the school around Mother’s Day, so this was a different and effective way to say ‘thank you’ to them.”
The children were organised by teachers, Chloe Johnson and Laura Strickland, with Chloe saying: “In the morning we put out small cones to make up the letter spaces which the children could easily follow.
“Each age group made up a different part of the message, so all the children were kept separately in their own cohorts. They were excellent and did the whole take in one go, which took just over half an hour.

“The message read: ‘Our mums are the best’, with the reception class making a heart at the top and Year 6 making the school’s squirrel logo at the bottom.
“It has had an amazing response and the video has been watched over 1,000 times. We are very grateful to Isle of Wight Drones who helped us to set it all up and we’ve had fantastic feedback from the parents who didn’t have a clue of what we were planning.”