Litter picking made easy

A new collaboration to keep Ryde free from litter has been launched. It is now easy for anyone to pick up litter around the beaches, streets and elsewhere with a 2-minute Beach Clean board installed at Appley Beach with another to be put in the town shortly.

The boards are funded by donations from the Goodleaf Tree Climbing Vertical Marathon and a grant from Ryde Town Council’s Community Fund.

The boards have litter pickers and bags to store rubbish making it easy for anyone to do a quick 2-minute litter pick.

Ryde Library will also be lending out litter pickers supported by Ryde Business Association and Planet Aware in the #LitterPickerLenders scheme.

Paul McCathie of Goodleaf Tree Climbing said: “We’re very grateful for the generosity of our tree climbers, who gave over £900 in donations to the 2019 Goodleaf Vertical Marathon. We’re all growing more aware of the need to protect our precious natural environment. It makes perfect sense for Goodleaf to support this community initiative.”

Anne Sayer and Sarah Marshall from Planet Aware welcomed the project: “Plastic pollution is a massive concern for local people and for our environment. This project makes it possible for everyone to help tackle the problem whenever they have time. With Ryde Library now offering litter pickers to borrow, it is easy for people and groups to do one off clean-ups without having to buy new equipment.”

Zoe Thompson from Ryde Business Association said: “This is a great initiative which we are really happy to support. Many of our businesses in Ryde have taken steps to reduce plastic waste and are much more conscious about recycling. The 2 Minute Beach clean and town boards, as well as the litter picker lenders scheme at the library, makes it even easier for everyone to do their bit for our town.”

All #2MinuteBeachClean boards will have guardians and the Appley Beach board will be cared for by Ryde Inshore Rescue.

Residents and visitors are invited to do a quick beach clean and share their photos using the hashtags #LitterPickerLenders, #WeLoveRyde and #2MinuteBeachClean.