Lemur sadly passed away at the grand age of 24

Ren, a rare Black and White Ruffed Lemur has sadly died at the grand age of 24. He arrived at Monkey Haven six years ago to retire and won the hearts of everyone who met him.

Every morning, the keepers were greeted with a grunt and then an offering of his belly for a little tickle, preferring tummy rubs even to snacks. Ren suffered major health issues for two years including testicular cancer.

Monkey Haven had to make the difficult decision last week to put him to sleep. The many visitors will miss him, but he will be particularly missed by the keepers who cared for him.

Terri Cooke, Head keeper at Monkey Haven, said: “He was a black and white ball of fluff with a grumpy attitude that you couldn’t help love. One of Ren’s favourite activities was sunning himself in his hammock and we all like to think of him now, in a big hammock in the sky. Bye bye beautiful Ren. We’ll miss you.”