Cardiac costs covered by quiz

Photo caption: Helen Barnes, Andrew Quew, Clare Jones

Andrew Quew and Helen Barnes from Ryde hosted a quiz night at Binstead Community Centre to raise money and awareness in memory of Andrew’s wife, Gemma Quew, and in aid of the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

Gemma was only 30 when she passed away in 2011 from an undiagnosed heart condition. The money will be used to help the Gemma Quew Memorial Fund host a day’s cardiac screening on November 16 when 100 young people between the ages 14 – 35 will be screened to look for possible heart conditions. The screening day costs £5000 and is sponsored by Gemma’s Memorial Fund so there is no charge to the 100 young people who have booked online with

All appointment slots have already been filled through advertising to local schools and sports clubs. The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service will be in attendance at Binstead Community Centre on Saturday 16th November where they will be demonstrating how to give CPR and use a defibrillator.

CRY’s mission is to identify those that are at risk from sudden cardiac death. These conditions include thickening of the heart muscle or an abnormal structure of the heart, and irregularities of the impulses that control the rhythm of the heart. Youngsters involved in sport, in particular, stress their heart the most and if they have an underlying cardiac abnormality, they are more likely to be at risk. It is important to emphasise that exercise is not harmful and sport itself does not cause cardiac arrest, but can exacerbate an undetected condition.