Angel Radio celebrating its 15th birthday on FM

By IW Mar 23, 2022

Angel Radio Isle of Wight is celebrating its 15th Birthday on FM on Thursday (March 24).

The radio was established on the Island in 1999, 23 years ago, broadcasting from rooms above Age Concern’s offices in Pyle Street. At that time, they were on Restricted Service Licences (R.S.Ls) which allowed for two 28 day slots per year.

In 2001 they began broadcasting on Wight Cable network, now WightFibre, and moved to Love Lane in Cowes. After a negotiation period with OFCOM, lasting eight years, Angel Radio became the Isle of Wight’s first community station, and continued to broadcast over the internet and WightFibre.

Although they are restricted to only 25 watts output, they were granted permission to improve their coverage range recently allowing them to reach further afield.

Angel Radio is the Island’s first FM Community radio station. They play nostalgic music from 1900 to 1969 and you can find them on 91.50 FM, on WightFibre and on the internet.