Have your say in the IW Observer – call for letter writers

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Have you got an opinion about anything at all that you want to shout about? Are you from the Island? Have people grown tired of you rabbiting on about the same old thing? This is your chance to get it all off your chest. 

Hello Caulkheads and Overners, we want your most passionately held opinions – in writing!

Or interpretive dance, vlog, series of artistic photographs or sketched on a napkin if the mood strikes you. Anything we can put online or in a newspaper that illustrates your opinion on a local, national or personal issue.

We want you to get incensed, INCENSED, about something, anything – really riled up, red in the face, sweaty palmed and high-pitched.

Applicants must be from the Island, submit a name, town they live in, profession, 30 or so words about themselves with an optional photograph, preferably of yourself.

Free speech, fear free - photo by Cory Doctorow via Flickr
Free speech, fear free – photo by Cory Doctorow via Flickr CC

Anonymous entries may be published under certain circumstances.

If selected, your story will feature online or in an opinion piece in our weekly newspaper, first edition out Friday (August 10), and every Friday thereafter!

Your writing should be between 400 and 750 words long, with exceptions for particularly pedantic and pertinent rants!

Just email your writing to newsdesk@iwobserver.co.uk and put OPINION as the subject. 





  • 40